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We believe that ordering from us should be as easy as ordering a pizza. We can deliver your verified prescriptions, over the counter medications and supplements, and even retail shop products including cosmetics and home health care products. Please contact us to make an order or inquire about our services.


We do special packaging and labeling to suit your individual needs. Blister packaging can be a great convenience feature when you have multiple medications to manage on a daily schedule. Seniors and patients with complicated medication prescriptions will find blister packaged medications easier to keep track of. We deliver your medications free of charge and pick-up of your unused medications for safe disposal.


Planning a vacation? Before travelling, come in and talk to our pharmacist about potential risks at your destination. You may be exposed to diseases that are rare in Canada but are common in other parts of the world. Our experienced staff can advise you on the best vaccines for your trip. We can also provide you with advice you may need about travel related health considerations such as altitude and climate factors that may impact an existing health condition. Informing yourself and being vaccinated prior to traveling will provide you with important protection and ensure that your vacation is safe and enjoyable.


In some situations you may find that you need a prescription renewed when you can’t make it to your doctor, or your doctor is away. You may even have lost your medication unexpectedly! With eligible prescriptions we can renew your medication or provide you with a temporary supply that you can take until you can see your doctor. We can even deliver that to your door. Some restrictions will apply, please contact our pharmacy today to see how we can help.

vegetarian and
gelatin free

We carry a large supply of Vegetarian and Gluten/ gelatin free multivitamins and supplements in store to provide all of our customers with options that suit their chosen lifestyle. Your dietary considerations are important to us and we believe that should not prevent you from maintaining optimal health. Our expert pharmacist can advise you about the most effective supplements to address your specific concerns, and answer any questions you have before making your purchase. Come in today to browse our wide selection!